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Staff Augmentation

Scale your team on-demand with our extended staff of skilled technologists and creatives.

We provide flexible staff augmentation to instantly expand your capabilities with experienced talent. Our extended teams seamlessly integrate to accelerate projects.

Roles include:

  • Developers (front-end, back-end, full-stack)
  • Designers (UX/UI, visual, branding)
  • Project Managers
  • QA Testers

We customize our approach based on your tech stack, workflows, and changing needs. You get access to proven talent without added HR overhead.

Our Process

Our seamless staff augmentation process:

  1. Requirements – Identify key roles, skills, workload needs and ramp timeline.
  2. Talent Matching – We select from our global talent pool to create your optimal team.
  3. Onboarding – Get team up to speed on your code, tools, processes and standards.
  4. Execution – Team integrates into your workflows and sprints just like regular employees.
  5. Management – We handle capacity planning, performance, time tracking, and communication.
  6. Flexibility – Scale team bandwidth up and down as your needs change.

Dedicated project managers ensure effective collaboration every step of the way.

Our Benefits

Augmenting your staff with Devbion provides:

  • Instant access to extra capacity from seasoned talent
  • Eliminate scrambling to hire short-term – we staff projects and skills gaps
  • Cost-effective, only pay for resources when you need them
  • Focus your team on core objectives vs. overflow tasks
  • Access to niche skillsets and expertise
  • Proven professionals ready to hit the ground running
  • Scale up and down to meet demand

Let’s explore how on-demand staff augmentation can empower your team.



Elevating Real Estate Presence. We transformed their online platform, enhancing property visibility and client engagement.  

Launch Website
Florian Kienzle

Florian Kienzle

Crafting Digital Impressions for Woodwork Excellence. Elevating Woodwork Brand with Stunning Websites.

Launch Website


Shaping a Digital Frontier for Precision Optics. Empowering Research and Security with Innovative Solutions.

Launch Website
Key Zone

Key Zone

Unlocking Success with Immersive Escape Room Websites. Elevate Your Escape Room Adventure Online

Launch Website

Eazy Bizz








Ryk Courier


Alpha de Tech


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Expert Team On-Demand

Our staff augmentation services provide access to an expert team of developers, designers, project managers and more. We maintain a global talent pool with hundreds of seasoned professionals across technical disciplines to meet diverse project needs.

Building digital products requires the right skills and capacity. At Devbion, we provide seasoned teams tailored to your needs who feel like your own in-house experts. More than just staffing, we take care to understand your culture, tech stack, and workflows so we can provide the optimal talent fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can you start a new team?

    • For standard roles, we can provide talent within 2-3 weeks. For niche skills, 4-6 weeks.

  • Do you offer managed teams?

    • Yes, we can assemble and fully manage dedicated teams under our PMs aligned to your needs.

  • What is your average team tenure?

    • We retain top talent by offering career growth, benefits, and great culture - our average tenure is 5+ years.

  • How is your onboarding process?

    • We invest heavily in onboarding augmented staff through documentation, shadowing, and ensuring alignment. How do you source team members? We recruit globally then vet through rigorous screening. Only ~10% of applicants meet our high standards.